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Все великолепно!!! Шикарный автобусик на трансфере.Супер шале! Пьянящий запах хвои!!! Спасибо за ёлку в коттедж! фото во вложении - Наталья Х.

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  • Chernobyl Tour
  • Weekend in Kyiv
  • Gourmet tour in Ukraine

In our trips you will learn the facts about the Chernobyl catastrophe and about other radiation catastrophes and accidents. Moreover, these facts will be correctly interpreted for you by experts, and you will learn about the real effects of radiation and disasters. For your trip you will get an individual dosimeter to carry with you. This accurate, precise, reliable and convenient instrument will provide you with an on-going reading of radiation level and dose, will give an immediate feeling of an invisible radioactive landscape, in which you will be traveling, and warn you about the increase of radiation. The device will become one more organ of your senses, and you will develop a specific ‘feeling of radiation environment’, that you can get only in the Chernobyl Zone. We will also provide you with a map of the area and a scheme of the trip. It will help you to sort out in the avalanche of your impressions, store them in your mind, and eventually to form an integral picture of the contemporary Zone and the catastrophe. For years to come, these map and scheme will remind you about your trip to the Chernobyl Zone, and help you relate your experiences from the Chernobyl zone to your dearest and nearest.

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This tour is for those who came to Kyiv for the first time and want to know a bit about everything. You will get to know about dramatic events of Euromaidan in 2014, see varied examples of European, Soviet and modern architecture, beautiful golden-domed churches, vast expanses of the Dnipro river and many other. Even if you are not a religious person or belong to the other faith or confession, do not miss KYIV-PECHERSK LAVRA. Founded in the 11 ct., the monastery became the most important place later on, during the 17-18 ct. Golden-domed churches embellished with moldings and baroque paintings were constructed at that time.Here you will meet with the best examples of Ukrainian icons, most beautiful paintings, religious vestments etc. However, the biggest attractions are the catacombs (or caves) that originate from 11 ct. They were used by monks for living; then – for the burials. Today people go there for veneration. Visitors can go along the catacombs only holding a candle.

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The capital of Ukraine is a real paradise for gourmets. We are preparing, perhaps, the most delicious national cuisine, which is so appreciated by guests of Kiev. A symbol of Ukrainian cuisine - borsch has become one of the three world leaders in popularity among dishes. Kyiv ‘perepichka’ would scare vegetarians and detox fans. It is simple, 100% not healthy and 100% popular Kyiv meal. You can buy it in the only place in Kyiv. Eat it while it is hot and enjoy! Lviv can be also called the gastronomic capital of Ukraine. Galician cuisine has collected the best recipes of different countries and nationalities. Austrian strudel, Jewish forshmak and Hungarian goulash - all these dishes were included in the traditional Ukrainian menu along with borsch and dumplings. In addition, Lviv has the image of a city of coffee and chocolate. In local coffee houses you will be offered to enjoy the famous Lviv coffee and learn about the secrets of its preparation.

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